Finding a Rug for your Entryway!

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An entryway rug should not only fit the space well but should also clean easily because an entry way is a high traffic area. The rug should have character and compliment the style of the home, since it is one of the first things visitors see.



If you have a smaller entry way, go big with your rug’s size and pattern.  Find one that has a large geometric shape that will make the space look larger.


If you have a long narrow entry, use a runner as wide as your door. It feels warmer and more welcoming with a wider, larger rug. If you are having trouble finding one, look for a remnant that can be cut and bound to the size you need!



Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.47.55 PM


If you find a beautiful rug for your entryway but do not want to get dirty shoe prints on it, pull it away from the front and use a small neutral mat directly in front of the door. Visitors can wipe off dirt on the mat before stepping onto the area rug. And because the smaller mat is neutral, it won’t take away from the bigger area rug.


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