Necessities for the Holidays!

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The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is starting to get their homes in order to host their families for the holidays!   Colony Rug would like to remind everyone of some key components to have on hand for this holiday season. 

As one prepares their home, please make sure you have the proper pad under your rugs to ensure that they do not slip with increased traffic, especially little feet running around.

The proper pad protects the flooring as well as the rug while extending the rug’s lifetime.

Colony Curl Stops

Colony Rug also carries Colony Curl Stops, which are used along with a pad and adhere to rug corners to keep them flat, with no sharp edges that could damage your rug. Do you have a rug where the corners are constantly being kicked or the edges curl?  If so, Colony Curl Stops can easily be attached on any rug, just remove the paper backing, firmly press Curl Stop to the corners and your done!


ForceField Carpet Cleaner

Finally, a good carpet cleaner is necessary for any holiday get-together. We recommend ForceField Fabric Cleaner. It cleans and protects your fine fabrics, carpets, and rugs. ForceField Fabric Cleaner will remove dirt, spots, and stains without damaging, discoloring, or changing the feel of the fabric. It has been optimized to clean virtually any water or oil based spill and stain. When used as directed, ForceField Fabric Cleaner will clean the most difficult stains including ketchup, salsa, wine, and oily soil.

Colony Rug can wrap & ship any of our products directly to you.  For pricing or to place an order, check out the products section of our website or just give us a call at #1-800-458-4445!

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