The Power of RED!

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      Red is considered one of the most powerful colors in the world. It is an intense, lively color that creates a definite physical response in its viewers–most commonly, an increased heart rate and heightened alertness.

      Reds influence is strongest in its purest form but more subtle versions of red will do the job.

Finesse Afghan Cayenne Rectangle Rug  
Afghan- cayenne                                                     Sanibel mars- red

Droplets Poppy Rug             Filigree Persimmon Rug
Droplets- poppy                                                     Filigree- persimmon


Red area rugs, pillows and other home accessories are perfect for adding just enough of the brilliant color to any space. Red works best with colors such as black, white, neutrals, rich browns and dark blues. Whether its traditional red, bright red or a deep red, its a perfect accent color that will never go out of style!



Happy Valentines Day from Colony Rug Company!


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