Oushak’s are in! – The antiqued look without years of wear!

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                An Oushak rug is meant to look like an antique, whether it’s fresh off the loom or machine made. Modern hand-knotted rugs use wool that’s dyed a light, subtle color so that the fading looks as if it were created from years of exposure.

               These rugs give the space a warm, inviting, lived-in look without being a real antique rug. They are as durable as any hand-knotted rug, meaning you should expect them to last for generations.

                The look has become so popular that weavers in Persia and India have developed a mild washing technique to give their rugs that slightly used appearance. To create the Oushak look, the rugs are washed a number of times to pull some of the color out of the original rug leaving a timely, antique appearance.



Bogart- Aqua/Ivory



Bogart- Ivory/Blue


Park Lane

Park Lane- Silver


If you prefer a more transitional look, there are definitely more contemporary pieces available! They tend to have larger scale, organic patterns with the same washed-out look in more updated colorways!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.15.15 AM-1

Dune- Miner


Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.57.24 AM

Dune- Sea



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