Resizing and Rebinding!

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In case you didn’t know, Colony Rug has a lot more to offer than selling and installing rugs and carpeting. As part of our expansive workroom capabilities, we are able to resize and rebind existing rugs or standard size rugs or runners to create a more custom fit for your space.

Whether you are moving or rearranging and wanting to keep your rug… or have your eye on a particular rug or runner that’s only available in standard sizes…we are able to resize it or even cut it to fit the shape of a room! We are also able to seam multiple rugs or runners together to create a larger rug!



For example, this striped flat weave area rug is shown here in a bedroom setting. If taken and resized and re-bound, it will create a completely different look in another space!

fab rug

This is a perfect example of how we have taken two standard 8′ runners and seamed them together to create a custom size to fit the hallway more appropriately.


This rug was made from multiple standard size area rugs seamed together and then cut to fit the unique shape of the room.


If you have an existing rug you would like resized or re-bound, please contact us!

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