The Spring Countdown is On!

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The Spring countdown is on…….and at this point we all need a little cheery pick me up.

Here at Colony Rug, it is no different!
After months of winter white-outs and a few weeks of a melting March, who isn’t craving color????

Any color! Just not white or grey, please!
Whether a 2X3, a runner, or pillow, any pop of color will do.
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.54.13


And perhaps we may be jumping a little ahead of ourselves, but we couldn’t resist!

Thinking of Summer already.

Whales, fish, and crabs…..”oh my”!

Inv#156184 White Whale on Green Pillow.jpeg966TANGLEDCRABS__25075.1417730689.1280.1280


It’s never too early to start thinking ahead and we are already on it .

These items are in stock and waiting to cheer you up too!

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