Be realistic when selecting a viscose product

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Viscose is beautiful! It’s glamourous and luxurious, and everyone wants it. Who wouldn’t?
It looks like silk, feels like silk, and thus has earned the term “Art Silk”……artificial silk, for short.

Viscose has become a very popular term in the rug and carpet industry over the past few years.
It is a semi-synthetic fiber that is being used in everything from area rugs to carpeting. It’s everywhere!

In researching this, we have come to learn that viscose is a “regenerated cellulose fiber.” Meaning its made from a plant material, and is quite similar to a cotton or linen type material. When considering flooring material for a high traffic area such as a family room, we do not suggest using this quality fiber. A viscose blended product is best suited for a more formal space in a home that sees little traffic. A consumer should have realistic expectations when considering a floor covering product that contains viscose.

Formal Living Room- Nourison Napaul bone/slate- Designed by Michael Greene



Walk in closet- Stark Carpet- By LeBlanc Design



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