Cleaning tips for mishaps that occur during the Holidays

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This time of the year we open our homes to celebrate the holidiay’s with our families and friends and inevitably accidents happen! Here are some tips to make sure your carpeting makes it through the new year and beyond.

For food and like Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Apple Pie, Coffee, Ext

1. Start treating spills immediately after they happen and clean up what you can.grease_stain_on_carpet_s

2. De-lute detergent in water and start to blot stain with white rag or paper towels its very important to blot & NEVER RUB. This could distort the carpet fibers.

3. Sprinkle/Rinse out with room temp water then blot out or use wet vac to get out excess water.

Again the quicker you can treat the stain the better chance you have of not letting it set in.

For Wine


1. Pour Rubbing Alcohol and a small amount of water on affected area on affected area.

2. Blot out with paper towels or white cloth.

Its important to note that these home cleaning tips may not completely eliminate the stain. At that point we’d recommend having your rug professionally cleaned. We’d recommend Bon Ton Rug or The Clean Team






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