With our 2,700 square foot Workroom and expert fabricators  we can provide wide range of services including cut and bind broadloom into area rugs of all shapes and sizes with many different options of edging to personalize any decor. We can also have the capability  to customize Dash &Albert, Woodard & Greenstein and other well known manufacturers of  pre-finished area rugs. The Colony rug workroom will always accept a challenge we we strive to meet you overall expectations.

Colony Rug proudly offers the following services for residential and commercial projects:
  • Wall to Wall & Area Rug Measuring
  • Machine Cotton Bound Edge 1.25″, 3″, 5″
  • Wide border material: 5″ width cotton, linen, leather and COM
  • Serging
  • Hand Sewn Seams, Hand, Bound Edges, & Hand Finished Edges
  • Cut to Fit & Custom Rugs
  • Custom Shapes & Sizes
  • Stair Runner Templating
  • Forcefield Carpet Protection
  • Work Room Capabilities for materials purchased elsewhere (i.e. Stark Carpet)
  • Delivery and installation throughout New England, the Islands and the entire Eastern seaboard


IMG_3258 IMG_3259

Hand Bound Edge- An edge that has cotton binding applied by sewing the binding to the carpet with a hand sewn stitch


Hand Finished Edge This is done by turning the edge of the goods under. No binding is used in this method.


IMG_3256 IMG_3257

Blind Stitch- This is a style of binding that can be done by multiple widths ranging from  1/2 inch  to 6 or 7 inches on the face of goods. Application is subject to selection materials.


IMG_3250 IMG_3252

Machine Wide BindingThis method is done with machine that has a folder designed to apply the binding in one pass. This is done using 3inch cotton binding which will show approx 1 1/2(inch an Half) on the face of the goods. Please note mitres cannot be made with this type of binding.



Cotton Binding- Is a standard type of binding that can be applied to most carpet products. It come in widths of 3/16″ and 1 1/4″, showing approx 3/8 to 1/2 on the face.


IMG_3470 IMG_3473

Sunbrella Binding- Is applied with a machine and comes in a standard width of 1 1/4″. This is an indoor/outdoor product that is generally applied to polypropylene, colony sisal,and most indoor/outdoor products.



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